Parable of the Sower

Scriptures:  Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, and Luke 8:4-15

In three of the Gospel the Bible tells of the seed and the sower.  Jesus taught of 4 types of ground: the wayside, stony places, thorny, and good ground.  The parable was told to the crowd, but to the disciples it was given the meaning.

1. The Wayside: (2 Visuals)

Jesus told the crowd a parable about the to sower and the seed.  In Jesus' day they did not use tractors or farm equipment to plant a field.  The

seed by the wayside wayside.birds
seedstony stonyplant
Thorny Ground Thorny plant
seedGoodGround Good Ground

sower would take a bag of seed and sow it or scatter it by throwing it on the ground. (demonstrate with hand motions)

The first place the seed landed was on the wayside or path.  It was hard ground. It was packed down, stepped on, and walked on.  Soon the birds came and ate it and the seed was gone.  


2. The Stony Ground (2 Visuals)

The next place the seed fell was on stony ground or upon a rock.  There was not much dirt there, but the little seed sprung up.  It started to grow, but there was no room for its roots.  Soon the sun scorched the little plant and it dried up and withered away.


 3. The Thorny Ground (2 Visuals)

The seed then fell among thorns.  The thorns sprang up with the little plant and choked it.  The thorns grew bigger and faster and it stole all of the food the little plant needed to grow.


4. Good Ground (2 Visuals)

The last place the seed fell was on good ground.  Rich dirt where the seed could put down strong roots. It soon grew big and strong and brought forth fruit some 30 fold, 60 fold, or 100 fold.

After Jesus told this parable to the crowds the disciples asked Him to explain it to them.  Jesus explained that the Seed is the Word of God and the ground is man's hearts.  

A hard heart is likened to the wayside.  (Show bird visual)  Before the Word of God can penetrate its hard surface the devil comes and takes away the Word of God.  The devil does not want people to get saved and trust Jesus.  He will send distractions in Sunday School and church so he can take away the seed from those that hear the Word of God.

Next is the stony heart or shallow heart. (Show stony plant visual)  When they first hear the Word of God they receive it at once with joy.  But the Word of God cannot take root and grow in their life.  They have no depth and they are shallow.  They endure for a little while but when persecution or hardships come, immediately they are offended.  

The thorny ground or worldly heart. (Show large thorn visual)  They hear the Word of God but the cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of the flesh spring up and choke the Word and they become unfruitful.

The last is the good ground or tender heart.  (Show growing plant) When they hear the Word of God, they received it, and it takes root in their lives.  They understand  it is personal for them and it begins to grow fruit in their lives.  Jesus said some 30 fold, 60 fold, and some a 100 fold.  

Regardless of what ground the seed landed on the seed in itself was still the same.  Jesus does not want you to just accept Him as Saviour, He wants you to grow.  Do you allow the Word of God to work in your life? Or are other things more important than Him?

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